Can I bring my child by the hour?

That is not possible here. We like to build up and nurture a relationship with the children which is not possible in the course of a short stay. The minimum care time is 40% weekly (our recommendation is at least 60%). After the child's transition to our Kinderhaus (from about 3 years of age), the mandatory minimum weekly amount of care is 60% in order to support integration in the group and positive development.


Do you offer subsidized places?

We offer subsidized places for children from the municipality of Cham, the municipality of Steinhausen and the city of Zug. Unfortunately not for children from the municipality of Baar, as Baar only supports facilities where only German is spoken. For all other municipalities, please ask your municipality.


Do I have to live in the municipality of Baar to be able to bring my child to you?

No, it does not matter where you live. However, if you live outside the Canton of Zug, we cannot give a discount in respect of the obligatory kindergarten year. 


When is it possible to start, and how does the familiarization period work?

It is possible to start at any time. The familiarization period depends on the child, which is why this is discussed on an individual basis with the supervisor. The familiarization period starts with a visit and a conversation with the respective supervisor. In most cases quicker, but after one month at the latest, the familiarization period is completed with a conversation with the child’s parents.


Do you have any spaces and do you have a waiting list?

This question cannot be answered generally. It is best to contact us about this. If we are unable to offer you a space at your desired time, we are happy to put your child on the waiting list.


Can you look after my child even if they don't speak German or English?

Normally yes. The members of our care team speak several languages, added to which children usually learn to communicate with other children quite quickly. We'd be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.


Do you take disabled children?

We're not specially equipped, but we'd be happy to discuss an individual case with you.


How does the educational system work in the Canton of Zug?

Every cultivable child has the right to visit kindergarten for one year, primary level for six years and secondary level 1 for three years. The compulsory education includes one year in kindergarten and nine years in primary and secondary level 1. It can be completed at a public or recognized private school. Children, who have reached the age of five by the end of February, must visit kindergarten at the start of the following academic year. If they reach the age of five by the end of May, they are allowed to start kindergarten, but are not obliged to do so yet. 

„Help me to do it myself" (Maria Montessori)

Children want to be independent of adults. Children WANT to do tasks themselves if they are capable of doing so.