You are looking for all-day care in German and English, where your child learns independently, is individually supported and lovingly accompanied and can thus develop into an independent personality. As parents, you want competent support in the education, promotion and care of your child.


All this we offer.


In addition to the benefits of Montessori education, your child will enjoy the following additional services with us:

  • Varied recreational program (e.g. skiing, skating, swimming, dancing, yoga, music lessons, forest days, various sports, pony rides, excursions, etc.)
  • Optimal preparation for public schools as well as for (international) private schools (career planning if required)
  • Lessons in Swiss German, German and English
  • One-stop care in one place from 3 months until school entry
  • Direct access to teachers and school management
  • Individual support of the children through a generous care ratio (number of caregivers per child)
  • Promotion of social skills through mixed-age groups
  • All-day offer with opening hours from 7:30-18:30 and only 4 weeks of vacation per year
  • Flexible and non-rigid vacation arrangements for the children in compliance with legal requirements
  • Promotion of health through wholesome, seasonal, regional (and organic) nutrition and promotion of movement with own movement room
  • Beautiful and spacious rooms with own adjacent playground
  • Cultural diversity (educators and families)
  • Many years of experience and constant development (our company has existed in its current form for over 15 years)



„Children are their own architects“ (Maria Montessori)

Every child carries the plans for their own development within themselves.