Our Kindergarten, the Garden for Children



For the Child

To complement the nurture received at home, we aim to ensure the harmonious development of children. The children's self-awareness and practical and social skills are encouraged and developed holistically. They learn to handle things on their own and acquire a solid basis for their personal and educational development.  



For the parents

Our professional staff will provide the best possible support for parents in the education, development and care of their children, thus enabling them to take account of their own personal development and find space for self-fulfilment.



For the Economy

To increase competitiveness, the economy - and that includes small businesses - needs a well-qualified workforce. Female employees and international employees constitute an important potential. The children of foreign parents will also find there is space for their needs to be met.


Our Mission

Our overriding aim is the well-being and the lasting positive development of our children. We set this goal above all others.

Each day, we earn anew the trust of parents in us and in our establishment. Each individual works for the good of the group, and the group works for the good of the establishment.

We are committed to quality and are constantly developing ourselves and our establishment. We maintain a professional and appropriate relationship with the authorities, professional organizations and other child-care institutions.

„Help me to do it myself" (Maria Montessori)

Children want to be independent of adults. Children WANT to do tasks themselves if they are capable of doing so.