The pedagogy of Maria Montessori


When you choose Montessori education, you give your child the space for independent learning, independent action, and thus the opportunity to become the master builder of his or her own personality. You want your child to have the space to make free choices, which helps them develop their own will. You want your child to learn to overcome difficulties and find solutions instead of avoiding them.


"Help me do it myself" is the most important principle in Montessori education.


Every child is naturally curious, inquisitive and interested in learning new things. Each child has his or her individuality and wants to satisfy the need to learn at his or her own pace and according to his or her own interests. If we give the child the opportunity to decide for himself and do not dictate what he must learn, his positive basic mood and his motivation to learn remain high. A positive basic attitude and motivated learning lead to the child's learning being easier, more efficient, faster and also more sustainable.




„Help me to do it myself" (Maria Montessori)

Children want to be independent of adults. Children WANT to do tasks themselves if they are capable of doing so.