Educational Concept



Summary of the most important elements


Children have a fundamental need to learn and understand through discovery. We assist them in this. Our guiding educational principle is “help me to do it myself”.

Our learning methods are based on observation of the child as well as on individual support during social, emotional and cognitive learning. We follow the child’s rhythm and interests and provide gentle guidance in the form of a stimulating environment adequate to the child’s needs.

In addition to individual support for the child, we also use group-dynamic factors. The younger children learn from the older ones and in this way experience the benefits of social team and group behavior. With the exception of the smallest children, we have mixed-age groups.

Apart from learning, the children also have fun in their free time. That’s why we offer them a wide-ranging and varied supplementary program, compatible with the basic principles of Montessori teachings. The development of motor skills is also stimulated in this way.

We want all our children to feel secure, understood and at ease. We achieve this by working with the child in a loving, competent way, by creating a positive environment and atmosphere, using recurring rituals and scheduled daily activities with distinct rules. Each of the children has a person of reference allocated permanently to them (key teacher).

Bilingual lessons are advantageous to the children not only for their future education, but also for a better understanding of different cultures.

When choosing our staff, we are careful to consider their skills, ability to empathize and work in a team as well as linguistic and cultural diversity. We recognize the importance of regular internal and external training, further training as well as an open culture of providing feedback.

We are aware of our function as role models for the children in every situation throughout the day. For this reason we set an example to our children (e.g. when eating, personal hygiene).

We communicate verbally and in writing, and document the course of each child’s development.
We carry out appropriate process and quality management (documentation, internal self-assessment).

We make it possible for the children to develop into independent, responsible personalities of value.



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„Help me to do it myself" (Maria Montessori)

Children want to be independent of adults. Children WANT to do tasks themselves if they are capable of doing so.